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Internet Marketing | Posted by Linda Basta
Aug 01 2013

Hi Friends

Whether you’re an online marketer, network marketer, speaker,
coach or business owner, building your network is one of the
most important parts of your business.

Download this guide called Build Your Network:

Inside you’ll discover:

* 70 different ways to build your network and leads.

* How to use social media sites like Facebook to generate leads.

* Why creating multiple lead generation campaigns will increase
your chances of build your leads.

* How to make potential customers contact YOU instead of you
contacting them.

* How answering questions will help you build your brand and be
that go-to person in your industry.

…and much, much more!

Download this guide right now:

You’ll get instant access to the downloadable ebook.

How to succeed with JV marketing

Internet Marketing | Posted by Linda Basta
Jun 04 2013

My updated profileJV Marketing

Succeeding in any business can be difficult.

It can take a lot of time and money, too.

What if you can leverage off other people’s skills and contacts so that you can get projects done quicker and make more sales?  That’s all possible by using the power of  Joint-Venture partners.

If you don’t know about them, and aren’t using them, you can be
at a disadvantage in the business world, because your competitors probably
are using them. They’re using joint ventures to achieve success over you in
the business world.

So What is a Joint Venture?
A Joint Venture  is a business agreement. It’s like a joint undertaking where
the parties involved agree to establish and new assets. The parties contribute
equity. Since they share control, they also share in the expenses, revenues,
and other assets. It is important to know that a joint venture is NOT a merger.
There is no transfer of title or ownership involved.

JV’s are usually for small projects. They can, however, be used by big
corporations who want to diversify. When you’re just starting out in a
business, a joint venture can help you complete and achieve success in
projects. Often, projects can’t be started because of the costs involved. With
a joint venture, the costs are shared. It helps both achieve profits.
When this type of temporary partnership is created, it can be for one individual
project, or it can be a relationship that is continuing. Either way, both parties
need to be dedicated and focused on the success of the joint venture
partnership. You also need to have a good plan developed, since you’ll both
be putting money into the project.
If you think about it, you’ll know that the act of partnering with someone else to achieve a common goal isn’t new.

It’s a well-known process that has stood the test of time. A joint venture works best when it is executed well. This means everyone knows what to do, how to do it, and when it needs to be done. Then, they do it.

It is important to define what everyone needs to do. Perhaps create some type
of agreement. This will be the basis for your relationship.
There are a lot of reasons to form a joint venture. You can expand your
business, develop new products, or move over into new or larger markets. If
you have strong growth potential and new original ideas, a joint venture could
do a lot for you. It could give you new resources, increase your capacity,
improve your technical abilities, and give you access to markets and
distribution channels you don’t currently have.

Finding a partner, developing a plan, and negotiating a contract…all seem like
a lot of work? You might think it’s more work than it’s worth, but it isn’t. When
you have the right mindset for business, you want to find ways to improve your business in every way. A joint venture may be just what you need to help your business advance. Just remember, they don’t have to be permanent
arrangements, and you don’t need to exchange trade secrets. All you’re doing
is finding a way that is mutually satisfying to both partners to help both of them
What are the Benefits of a Joint Venture?
Competing against big businesses can be difficult. Since they’ve finally
jumped into online marketing, a small business just doesn’t have the financial
strength to compete.
Small businesses can give big businesses a run. There have been instances
when small businesses have given the big giants a run for their money by
joining forces. Most online businesses start with a little bit of nothing and a
whole lot of work. To stay alive, these businesses have had to learn how to
build on their strengths and improve their weaknesses.

Market dynamics have changed, and you can’t just sit around patiently waiting
for your business to grow. It can take months or even years that you can’t
afford to lose. You want to get your business up and running in a way that will
give you not only quick, but sustainable results. That’s what joint ventures can
do for you. It gives you a solid foundation on which to build, and gives you the
means with which to challenge the big businesses with confidence.

You may still be doubtful about what combining resources and talents of other
businesses can do for you. You could be wondering why you should do it.
Why should you team up with someone else and develop a joint venture?

There are many reasons. Here’s just a few of the major ones.
– Leverage on each other’s strengths and skills
– Split development costs/expenses saving each other money
– Working together increases the speed of progress of projects
– Accountability
Here’s  a complete guide called Simple JV Success which shows you
the steps you can take to approach a JV partner and offer a
What’s inside this guide?

* What are joint ventures and how can you benefit from it?
* The types of joint ventures you can do for a win/win
* How joint venture partnerships will speed up your success
with projects
* How to increase your chances with getting joint venture
partners to say Yes to your deal.
…and much, much more!

If your serious about using this method to grow your list and expand your business…Get the guide, here:

To Your Success!

Wait Before You Join ViralPLR

General Business | Posted by Linda Basta
Apr 29 2013

My updated profileHello friends!
In this blog post, I will give you my personal review on a brand new site called ViralPLR.

There’s been a lot of garbage and hype out there about the latest and greatest tool that can make you rich overnight. Don’t be fooled because there’s no such thing. There really is no magic pill to riches.

What you need is a product which you can sell online, and a system that can build all this for you.

Well, today I’m proud to recommend ViralPLR.

What is ViralPLR?

It’s a site where you can get access to a brand new, rebrandable product every single month.

These products are information products based around hot topics related to Internet marketing and self-improvement — both proven to be big markets where a lot of money can be made.

At first glance, you’re probably thinking that ViralPLR provides PLR (private label rights) products. Although they do provide private label rights in its upgraded “Gold” membership (explained later), but if you sign up for free you get rebrandable rights.

What this means is that each product is rebranded with your details such as your name and website on the eBooks’ title page so it appears as though you authored the eBook.

This gives you a huge advantage because 1) you don’t need to write a single word and 2) you build your credibility and authority.

The rebranding of each eBook is done automatically using the ViralPLR Rebranding tool. You don’t need to mess around with document editors and PDF.

How Does It Work?

After you’ve signed up to ViralPLR, you can access the members area and the product of the month.

Follow the steps that are shown in the members dashboard. You want to make sure you fill in your details correctly as it will be used on the current eBook and every other eBook you receive each month when a member downloads your rebranded eBook.

You are given a unique promotion link to promote each product. There’s a link to promote the product as a lead generator and a link if you want to resell the product to make money.

If you want to use it as a lead generator, it will use the ready-made “squeeze page” where people can sign up to download the product.

If you want to make money, it will use the sales page where people can purchase the product where you’ll get paid per sale.

The best part is that any leads you generate will be stored in the ViralPLR Email System which you can then use to broadcast any emails like an offer or newsletter to your leads. This makes it one powerful system in my opinion.

What Are The Benefits of ViralPLR?

Firstly, it’s going to save you time and money by not having to create new products, designing web pages, web hosting and write.

You don’t need to be a tech wiz to figure out how to use and make it work.

I checked to see the quality of the eBooks you receive and they are top-notch. They are written by US based writers so you can rest assured knowing the eBooks are high-quality. Each product is approximately 40-50 pages, not some 10-page report that’s worthless.

Each product comes with a squeeze page which is used to collect leads.

Each product comes with a sales page that’s ready to make sales.

As I mentioned before, you don’t need web hosting. Everything is hosted in the ViralPLR server. Plus, you don’t need to register for domain names. You are given a unique link to promote each product. It’s that simple, really.

As you generate more leads into the system, so does your income. As they say “The money’s in the list”. You can broadcast any message you like to the leads you generate using the ViralPLR Email Broadcast System. Simply insert your email, submit and your subscribers will receive your message.

You’re getting a fresh product every month without writing a single word. That’s a time saver because you and I both know that it would takes days to write a 40 to 50-page eBook.

How Much is ViralPLR?

Access is free. Yep, zero dollars.  In my opinion, they could have easily charge d $97 a month for this service.

You can sign up here:

Are There Any Upgrades?

Yes, there is “Gold” membership upgrade which I highly recommend. It gives you several other benefits such as the complete private label rights and ability to integrate your own autoresponder with ViralPLR.

The upgrade alone is worth a lot more than the cost of producing a product each month. If you were to create a product yourself, it would cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars to produce.

You will see the upgrade after you sign up and can make a decision on whether it’s something for you. In my opinion, having the private label rights is an advantage because you can fully customize the contents of the product in any way or form.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a way to build an online business, this is a great way.

This is especially valuable for beginners since there’s almost zero technical work that needs to be done on your end.

Even if you’re looking to make more passive income on the side, this is definitely a must-have to add to your income streams.

My recommendation for you is to sign up now. It’s a no-brainer. Best of all, it’s free.

Access ViralPLR here:

Feel free to leave any feedback or comments about ViralPLR here. I would love to hear your responses.



Article Marketing

Internet Marketing | Posted by Linda Basta
Feb 24 2013

You can build your list simply by writing articles, whether you have thought of it or not.

Quite simply, you write and submit your articles on your topic of expertise or business nature to popular article directories where eZine publishers and readers are looking for the information you provide.

Leveraging your viral marketing efforts on article writing can be rewarding, if done right. In the real sense, you are actually proving your worth and demonstrating your expertise about your business through the articles you write.

If your articles are found worth sharing, eZine publishers will republish your articles together with your resource box for their readers and subscribers. The wonderful result: viral marketing without effort on your part!

You can start by writing and submitting your articles to trusted article submitter sites such as article  and begin your article marketing journey today.  Submit to EA first and wait a while before you submit it to other directories because they are quite strict about duplicated content.

Ezine Articles makes it very easy to do but make sure you follow their rules.

Write about something you are passionate about so that your enthusiasm comes through.

your articles should be from 250-600 words.  Some use a paragraph style while others use point by point by point  bullet style.  Both work fine.

So, how can this method in effect build your mailing list?
The answer: the ‘resource box’  you attach to your articles.
In your resource box (also known as bio box), you include a very brief detail about yourself and how to get mote info about the subject you just wrote about together with its URL.
It is strongly suggested that your resource box URL links to your mailing list’s Capture Page  page where you can get your visitor’s name and email address, which will in turn help you build your mailing list at no cost.

Today we will look at how to generate website traffic via article marketing.

Before we get started, here are two quick realities about generating traffic with articles.

  1. It’s EASY! Writing and submitting articles can be really easy.
  2. It’s HARD! For most people the hard part is  being consistent in the process of writing and submitting articles.

As with all marketing, the intangibles to winning are focus, consistency and patience.

More specifically with generating article traffic…

  • Focus on using the right keywords. (They are keys to the kingdom)
  • Consistently write and submit your articles. (The cumulative effect and impact will amaze you)
  • Have patience and let the articles work. (Remember, success happens over time… not overnight.)

With that said, let’s get started.

With articles, I like to put them into two different categories.

  1. SEO Articles (Written for top rankings in the search engines.)
  2. Content Articles (Written for expert positioning to compel and sell.)

Compelling articles create a gravity towards you, your sites, your offers, etc. and make it much easier to sell your stuff.

Here’s the interesting part about writing compelling articles.

It’s not “what you say” that is most compelling… it’s “what you don’t say.”

In other words, leaving enough black holes in your content that tugs on your audiences desire to want more.

The brain has a tendency to seek completion and close loops. And you can use this to your advantage by putting out great content that is incomplete… content so great your readers love it, and yet so incomplete they run to you wanting more.

The Cliff Hanger Method

If you’re a fan of  a soap opera …just think of the feeling you get at the end of the episode where you just can’t wait until the next day.

Daytime soaps have mastered this “cliff hanger method” as I like to call it. As for using the “cliff hanger method” to create headlines and teasers…  just look at the trailers for the evening news, certainly they have also mastered this.

Got it? …good! icon smile Free Article Marketing Checklist To Help You Generate Article Traffic To Your Website (Part 4 of 21)

Now let’s get started with your article marketing to generate article traffic.

If you’re ready, here is a great check list.

* Decide on topics based on your market & your expertise and create an ideas file.

* Create an Article Template for your writing. Article directories work best with text based articles. Just use plain text, no formatting, no tables etc. by creating and saving your articles in Notepad or another text based editor. Within each file include the Title, Category, Word Count, Key Words and Summary. You will need to enter this information with each article submission.

*Create your author resource box of about 50 words in length. This is what will appear at the end of your articles stating who you are, what you do, the service or product and benefits you provide and a call to action inviting the reader to your website to sign up for your free report, newsletter or other offering. Don’t forget to add the URL. The resource box should be written in third person.

*Create your author bio of up to about 150 words in length. Some of the article directories require a bio in addition to a resource box. Your bio will be based on your skills, experience and achievements and should also be written in third person.

* Choose an author photo that you will upload when creating your profiles. Most article directories will ask for one. Your photo will help people connect with you and should be professional looking.

* Create a list of directories you are going to submit to. Start small with about 3 directories. Try EzineArticles, Article Dashboard, and GoArticles to start. sites. (Always start with Ezine Articles first & wait a while before submitting anywhere else)

* Sign up for accounts with these directories and record the Name of the directory, Login URL, User Name, Password and any specific guidelines.

* Create an Article Marketing Tracking document in the form of a spreadsheet to track the above directory information, articles submitted and dates submitted.

* Write your first 400 – 600 word article in your niche and start submitting.

Most of the above steps are to be set up just once .. When you have everything in place, make sure you write and submit your articles regularly. If you write an ezine or newsletter, you can repurpose these works. Once your subscribers have received their copy, start submitting to the article directories. If you have an eBook you have written, you can also rework chapters of the book  into shorter articles.

If the above sounds like a great marketing tactic but you lack the time, consider hiring a Virtual Assistant to set you up with the accounts, edit your writing and submit your articles. You will also find persons on Fiverr that will write one or more articles in your niche for as little as $5.

That’s it for today. Hope you have found this helpful.
Be sure to talk back to me while you’re here. I look forward to your questions and comments. So leave a comment, ok?

To your success…


Working at Home Parents

General Business | Posted by Linda Basta
Jan 06 2013

History of Work At Home Parenting: The practice of integrating entrepreneurship with parenting has been in practice for a long time since the times of merchants and artisans. These classes of entrepreneurs worked closer to their homes, with children loitering in the background. Only the historical circumstances like Industrial Revolution distanced the children away from their parent’s workplaces. However the recent trends of dual working parents (due to economic compulsions) brought about a void in parentage, which in turn gave rise to the concept of work/life balance making Work at Home Parentage a viable and sensible proposition.

How can we define a Work At Home Parent? Almost everyone is a parent, and everyone works, maybe from home…! A Work At Home Parent is a businessman or businesswoman takes care of children while working from home.

A businessman or businesswoman who conducts business at home may do so for a lot of reasons, despite reasons it gives one the flexibility to plan their time between business and family. The reasons could be numerous, but which parent would forgo the opportunity of working their own hours all the while spending time with their children and family at the same time fulfilling social obligations. This class of entrepreneurs, the Work At Home Parents, also saves a lot in terms of time and money. (low everhead)

The main objective of a Work At Home Parent would be to integrate their business time with parenting responsibilities without a loss in income or opportunity.

The integration of entrepreneurship with parenting can be achieved by bringing together the use of time and space, accommodating parentage in business , and flexibility.

Usage of time and Space:  Taking children on business errands, scheduling activities when the children are resting and getting the children used to the concept of an office that accepts their presence.

Accommodating Parentage in business: Once your business acquaintances come to know that parentage is a priority with you, they would certainly accommodate with you in taking time for caring for children. As the children grow, taking their help to perform small tasks would certainly help in a work At home parent’s business. It would also help in children growing responsible.

Flexibility: Working your own hours will help a work at home Parent perform and work well since they can work at times suitable and in shorter spurts than in a continuous process.

Tax Advantages:  Let’s not forget the tax advantages one gets when working from home.  Besides the usual… the ‘work from home’ parent is usually able to use at least a portion of  their household expenses as tax deductible items.
Not just the mortgage or rent, but also a portion of their heat, water, electric, phone, etc and don’t forget repairs , and  home improvements, and outdoor maintenance.

What a concept!

Hope you will leave a comment, especially if you are already a parent working from home.  Any thing that you can add or found is working for you would be helpful to us all.



A REAL Home Business- Get Paid To Advertise

Internet Marketing | Posted by Linda Basta
Jun 03 2012

Hello Friends!

I don’t usually talk about my businesses on this blog, but these are just too good for you not to be aware of them.

Just a short time ago, I got involved in two incredible programs guaranteed to earn me
money quickly . They said they were almost fully automated and that recruiting others wasn’t required.
Sounded too good to be true , and it was months before I gave in to some of my marketing friends persistence who finally got to me.

Because I trusted them… i joined both in the same month even though I still didn’t understand what they were all about. I didn’t know anything about penny auctions and purchasing panels was ‘greek’ to me.

But  within just 2 weeks, I was making money…in both of them!   That was a first!

The first is called Wealth 4 All.
Truly a People helping people business!
Low start-up- under $50
Very easy to do (almost fully automatic)
Get pd every 10 days, like clockwork
No recruiting required
Great built in social Community.

For free information, go here



The second program is called BannersBroker.

It’s true, Banners Broker is by far the best
‘done for you” opportunity available,
Again, It’s almost a fully automated system—

Banners Broker is an online advertising company that helps both advertisers and
website owners capitalize on the power of the web.
Besides advertising your own primary business, if you have one, you will at the same time be advertizing BannersBroker automatically.

As I said recruiting or referring others is NOT required to earn money, but of course , you can make a lot more money if you do. Our teams also conducts training webinars and skype training rooms so you can ‘earn while you earn’.

For free information, go here

Again, JOIN FREE , then contact me on Skype or eMaIL and i”ll fill you in on how it all works.

Tired of Waiting on the Economy?
Take a look at one or both of these programs and say goodbye to your financial worries.

To your success,

Your comments welcome

10 Effective WaysTo Build Your List

Internet Marketing | Posted by Linda Basta
Mar 25 2012

Yes, I know you have heard it over and over, but the money IS in your personal contact list. What’s even more important, is building a personal relationship with your list.

If  you’re new to Internet marketing, this is where you need to begin.

Depending on the type of business you have, you may have many lists targeting specific groups of people based on their interests. Once a person is on your list, you are able to contact and market to them for years to come.
For instance, If  someone comes to your website, they may be interested in what you have, but not ready to commit or purchase. Once they leave, they may never come back again. But if you have captured their name and  e-mail, you will have a second, third,fourth and a fifth opportunity to talk to them again.
Your autoresponder becomes your most important tool for your business, so choose it wisely.
I recommend GVO or aWeber.

So here are some ways that you can build multiple lists for your business.

Capture / Squeeze page
Create a page can offer them a gift (ebook, software, or newsletter) that would appeal to your target audience . Any easy to do newsletter could be “tips on ______”   This page will ask for the name and e-mail and be connected to your favorite autoresponder with a series delivering a “tip” a day or week.

Create a Blog
Having a blog related to your niche is one of the most effective ways of building a list. I recommend that you use WordPress or Blogger if you want to keep it very simple.
When people sign up for your blog you know that they are interested in that topic. And you will be able to market to them

Opt in form on your website or blog
offer  a “gift” in the upper right-hand corner of your site in exchange for their naming e-mail. This will be connected to your auto responder.

Article Writing
Writing short articles on your niche topic and submitting to article directories like EzineArticles, can be very effective. Be sure that you’re only links are in the resource box at the bottom of the article.  Send them to your capture page.

Groups and forums
Join groups and forums  related to your niche. Never promote your product directly, but puts your link in your signature.

Safe lists, downline and lead generation programs
Although you don’t always have direct access to the person’s  e-mail, belonging to these programs enables you to have contact with a large group of people.  Again, focus on getting their contact information rather than selling a product
.ie List Joe is a great safelist.
Triple Your LIst send you 3 contacts on a regular basis, totally free.
And Second Income Coach (SIC) is a great lead builder

Pop-up Capture Page
Although we all find them very annoying, it has been shown to greatly increase the conversion
rate over a simple opt in form.

Social networks
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and SoKule are gold-mines for your contact list.  Join  groups, make friends, develop relationships.  Then attempt to get their contact information.  On Facebook Fan pages, you are even able to have opt in forms right on your page. ( is an awesome service to help you build terrific fan pages on the new Timeline.)


Renting or purchasing  targeted lists


Viral list building programs
Siphon and List Outbreak  programs that can help you build a list very quickly in Internet marketing niche.
I highly recommend them


Hope these ideas have help you get started building a massive list.
Please leave your comments and any other ideas you may have below.

Income Tax Advantages of a Home Based Business

General Business | Posted by Linda Basta
Jan 10 2012

Well, Happy New Year Everyone!

This is the time of year that many people are thinking
about doing their income tax forms.

But, what I would like to talk to you about today , is
starting fresh and properly organizing yourself to make the most of your
tax deductions for 2012. You need to get focused this month!

The smartest thing that you can do to save on what you
need to pay Uncle Sam each year,  is to have a
Home Based Business.
The government allows a tremendous amount of tax
deductions regarding your home business  as long as
you follow their rules. It is possible to save
$5000-$15,000 per year.

Generally, even though you may make a small amount of
money your first year, this is also the time when you
spend the greatest amount to get started. Following,
are a some great strategies that you can begin to
use as a home business owner.

Note:  I know in this day and age, you will have a spread sheet,
but also get a small spiral note book , and an envelope for
receipts, that you can have with you at all times.

You will  want to open a seperate credit/debit
card & checking account for your business. Any paid
annual fee, interest and other fees becomes a deduction.

Here are 8 Main Expenses that you’ll want to keep
track of on a monthly basis.

You must 1st determine what percentage of your home is
used for business purposes. Tax law allows you to
deduct this percentage of all expenses that are
reasonably incurred in the course of doing
business. These include rent, utilities, insurance,
property taxes, phones, supplies, office equipment,
and repairs made to the office portion of your home.
In addition, you can also deduct the cost of office
furniture, for example your desk and file cabinets,
rugs, office decorations and office cleaning.

#2 Possible Vacations & Travel Expenses

#3 Food& Entertainment (proportional-receipts

#4 Automobile Expenses (especially mileage)

#5 Education & Seminar Expenses Including Books, Reports, etc

#6 Possible Medical & Nutritional Product

#7 Business Gifts or Correspondence (Greeting Cards)

#8 Payment to your children  for services they provide
for your Home Business.
For instance, they can help you with your paperwork
and filing, mailings, and office clean-up.   ( Case law
says that a seven year old can provide these services .
As your employee, you may be able to pay the child up
to $5000 per year in non-taxed income. )  Also, your
child can put up to $2000 per year in an Educational IRA.



Of course, you will need to be reasonable in these
very large expenses if you income is quite low. It is
imperative that you seek the advice of a good tax
accountant when applying these strategies.
A competent person, knowledgeable in home businesses,
can be invaluable in assisting you in their proper
application. Please also note that you must properly
set up your business enterprise, have a profit motive, run
it as a business (not a hobby) and document each of your
business expenses.
You may even want to look into the possibility of
spreading your expenses over 1-3 years if that is possible.

If you, or your spouse has another salaried income, your
business deductions will be counted against that income
with the Schedule-C form.
Even if your saving is not  huge amount of money,
without your Home Based Business, you would have just
given it away to the government.

I hope this information has inspired you to get to
work , and take your business more seriously.
If you are still looking for the right business…check out the Income Opportunities Tab on this site.

Here’s A little gift for you… a PDF form to determine your
yearly family budget to help you get started.

To Your Success in 2012 and beyond,


PS- Feel free to share your own tips & comments

Show You Care…Send a ‘Real’ Holiday Card This Year

Internet Marketing | Posted by Linda Basta
Dec 03 2011

Want to show all your customers and clients that you really care and appreciate them?

Nothing is more special then getting a REAL, personal Christmas or birthday greeting card in the mail. Now you can send to  ALL your customers & clients at once with 1 click!! Amazing!
These are real, high quality greeting cards, not electronic or email.

Hurry and watch this special holiday video
Holiday Video

I have been using this service for years. It saves me so much time and money.
Never forget a birthday again! The system sends you reminders in plenty of time. You can even add a gift.

You can choose your card from thousands,, add personal greeting in your own handwriting, and  add your photos.
Then ….the system stuffs, addresses,and mails it for you. There’s nothing like it!

If you’d like to try out the system by sending out a card free.. go to this site

Your gonna love it

Build Your List- Fast & Free !

Internet Marketing | Posted by Linda Basta
Nov 06 2011

Hi Everyone!

Wow! We all know the importance of have a personal contact list. The ‘money is in the list’ they say. And the’ fortune is in the follow-up’!
Well, I just found a new program called Siphon that is just incredible. It does BOTH!
First of all…it’s free. And it will build your list virally!  If you do upgrade, then this site will also earn you money.  Can’t beat that, huh?

* Get your own FREE 5iphon squeeze page where you offer whatever you want.
* Each subscriber you get brings you up to 5 more, with ZERO work on your part!
* Those “5 more” subscribers each bring you their “5 more”!
* Your list grows VIRALLY on AUTOPILOT!
* It all happens with NO SPAM, NO CROSSOVER, and our bonus FREE subscriber rotation system for an even FATTER LIST in no time.

Get all the juicy details on how 5iphon Hardcore ListBuilder can build your money list with lightning speed starting NOW:

SPECIAL BONUS:  Join and upgrade with my link…and I have a series of auto-responder messages that I’ll give to you as a gift to jumpstart your income.